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Yiwu carton plant summary of bearing packaging should pay attention to the matter
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Yiwu carton factory for bearing after the completion of the manufacturing and after inspection, i.e. cleaning and antirust processing, and then in the inner packaging, in order to achieve waterproof and moisture-proof, dustproof, shockproof and maintenance of bearing quality and accuracy and convenient use and the purpose of sales. Bearing packaging can be divided into two kinds of inner and outer packing.

Bearing inner packaging according to the anti rust period is divided into three categories:

Short rust proof packaging: rust period of 3 ~ 6 months, applicable to large quantities of goods shipped to the same subscriber, will be put into use in a short period of time. By mutual agreement, in order to facilitate the use of the principle, the use of simple packaging.

General rust proof packaging: a year of rust proof, suitable for general purpose bearing.

Long rust proof packaging: two years of rust protection, applicable to special and precision bearings.

Bearing inner packaging material of polyethylene plastic tube (box), kraft paper, plain paper, and corrugated polyethylene composite carton, polyethylene or polyethylene plastic film, nylon fastening belt or woven plastic fastening belt, waterproof high strength plastic belt, sacks, etc.. The above materials are required to ensure that the corrosion resistance of the material test.

Principle requirement of bearing inner packing method:

Miniature bearings: every 10 to 15 sets of bearings into a plastic barrel, each 5 to 10 plastic tube loaded into a box (or bag, roll bag).


Medium and small bearing:

Multiple sets of bearings with polyethylene film, topical kraft paper or polyethylene composite paper package;

Multiple sets of bearings into a plastic tube (box);

Polyethylene film bag packing single bearing, folding or seal the bag and then in a carton.

Large bearing:

With a polyethylene film or polyethylene composite paper packaging, and then into a carton;

Polyethylene film bag, single set packing after folding bag, then in a carton;

Single set of specially made plastic box;

A single set of three layer packing: wrapped with polyethylene film or composite tape with the inner layer, with the fastening belt middle, with waterproof permeability plastic outer band.

Extra large bearing:

A single set of three layer wrapped packaging (same as above);

Wrapped in four layers wrapped in a single layer: wrapped in the three layer wrapped around the outer layer wrapped with a layer of linen cloth.

The separable type tapered roller bearing outer diameter greater than or equal to 150mm, before before packing the inner and outer components should be liner polyethylene film, or inner and outer packaging components separately.

Interchangeable cylindrical roller bearing outer diameter of more than 150mm, because the package easily injured, the general use of internal and external components separately packaging.

General materials and requirements for bearing outer packing are as follows:

Double corrugated boxes, each box weight (GW) does not exceed 25kg, box pack plastic strapping;

The nail plate box (wooden box), the total weight of each box is not more than 30kg, with the blue strip packing box;

Calcium plastic corrugated box, the total weight of each case is not more than 25kg, box love with plastic packing belt.

With inner bearing products into the case, should be first in the liner plastic bags or plastic film; if there is a gap in a piece of paper, corrugated paper drying material fill.

Yiwu carton factory gives you a summary of the 3 most, I hope for the bags of some concern, can help, we also welcome your company to ask, let you grow knowledge.

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