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Yiwu carton factory using different materials for quality control of packaging printing
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Yiwu carton factory in the packaging and printing process, often using different printing materials of the same or similar layout, such as internal and external packaging, trademarks, brochures and other series of products, printing products, color printing design layout or logo is basically the same, but because of differences in substrate characteristics, some products used printing equipment, ink performance and process forms are not necessarily the same, and customers often require products of printing color basic requirements to achieve consistent, can not appear obvious color difference. Show the actual production process, there are some difficulties in the control of different materials of the series of black print quality, need to carefully check the careful design and operation technology of technology, in order to obtain better printing quality, meet customer quality requirements.

A series of printed matter analysis and process determination method

The so-called series of printed matter is the same kind of product internal and external packaging specifications of different or complete sets of products used in the printing material is not the same, however, the layout of the structure or color of the same or similar. Due to the differences in material properties or printing layout specifications, the adaptability of the printing process is also different. Such as packaging corrugated boxes, color box printing materials have surface layer of white paper, kraft paper or carton, carton packaging materials are white paper, kraft, white card, card, card, glass coated PE coated paper, soft plastic packaging film, glass paper, tissue paper, glossy paper, copy paper, offset paper, aluminum paper, laser paper etc.. Corrugated board thickness, surface roughness, and the PE film paper, plastic film, glass paper, tissue paper, aluminum paper printing process, considering safety and sanitary quality of materials and packaging products, suitable for printing flexo water-based ink, can effectively guarantee the quality of products. For the color box printing paper box printing of the white paper, kraft paper, aluminum; laser paper and other materials, a large number of the printing or flexographic printing process, the quality and the production cost are both good. For the number of 10 or so million white paper, kraft, white card, card, card coated glass products, and glossy paper, copy paper, offset paper, aluminum paper, laser paper can be used for offset printing technology. The glossy paper, copy paper quantitative low, not suitable for high speed automatic paper feeding, can be printed with 01 offset printing machine speed, in order to better guarantee the quality of the product set.

Two, pay attention to control the layout of the prepress technology

Now a lot of print is to provide the design and production of electronic manuscript by the customer's own design or advertising company, because they do not fully understand the printing process, often resulting in making out the manuscript, can not adapt to the requirements of the printing process. In the same network layout of the series of printing products as an example, because of the printing material with different printing color, there are big differences. Is the same with the offset printing process printed paper plates (white paper cups (material) and a single PE film paper) these two kinds of products, because the surface board material good smoothness, ink absorption quantity is less, and the single PE coated paper surface is relatively rough, an ink suction amount to be big, with the two kinds of materials anilox the same structure layout, the color will be larger, single side PE coated paper printing color is obviously lighter than the white paper, color ink quantity by adjusting the pressure, often can not overcome the performance differences and the emergence of printing materials. To the general printing color dot single PE coated paper adjusted a little through the plate design, in order to make the printing color approaching. So, when receiving the same structure and layout Anilox printing materials of different series of print, you must first make a careful analysis of the original layout and the substrate material properties, and then determine the plate making reasonable design, that is to say, according to the material, gloss printing ink performance, reasonable adjustment of a product the layout of the dot area, to ensure that different materials printing color to close.

The control technology of three, Yiwu city should pay attention to the direction of making carton factory

Yiwu carton factory in print more make-up structure, a printed sheet usually fight several different varieties of the layout, without considering the differences of different varieties of printing color, and the color difference of different varieties in the same spell vertically, then, once the vertical page one page of color printing light or deep, it is difficult to adjust the ink fountain by local output, to achieve the vertical layout corresponding to a variety of layout of the ink color adjusting control, often appear the situation can not care for this and lose that, taking into account the overall layout of the vertical printing color.

Therefore, the make-up of paper plates, paper cups, trademarks and other products, each longitudinal position to fight the best with a variety of colors or spell similar varieties, in order to effectively regulate the amount of ink. Not in the same vertical range to fight several color contrast of larger products, because of this, the most easy to produce the make-up printing color, even through ink volume adjustment to realize the control of printing color, but easy to produce chain printing quality problems, such as paper wool, paste version, dirty version and other adverse conditions.

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